Monday, November 26, 2012

Video: The First Tour of the Season

We broke out the skis for the first real tour of the season on Gash Point which is just across the valley from our new home in the Bitterroot. Watch the video in full screen HD with the sound on if you can.

It turned out quite picturesque thanks in no small part to the song "Snow" courtesy of my friend and old neighbor Brittain Ashford and her band, Prairie Empire. As Jen said "That isn't how the day felt but it is how I want to remember it."

Not shown: freezing fingers, ravenous hunger, numerous half buried logs, bushes and rocks, breakable sun crusts, gouged ski bases, and onerous bushwhacking and post-holing.

The snow at the top was fantastic and I can't imagine a better way to make the first few turns of the season.

Approximate route taken:

Detailed Conditions: Skinable from just above the upper trail head but thin cover and lots of logs and a variable sun crust down low. Variable and wind effected but very skiable higher up.


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