How to use Hillmap is a web based mapping app that lets backcountry travelers create and print free, customizable maps from high quality map layers.  You can also use hillmap tools to calculate slope, check the weather at your destination, analyze snowpack, and more.

Check out the blog posts below for more information on how to use hillmap and some of its powerful features.

About hillmap and how to use it

Print a free topo map from high quality map layers

Three ways to calculate the slope of terrain in hillmap

Embed an interactive topo map in your blog

Calculate Line of Sight

Map layers available on Hillmap

How to use Snotel and the weather forecast to find skiable snow

How to create a ski trip map for a great ski trip you found on youtube

A quick & easy hack to view wildfire perimeters and other KML data in hillmap

How to fix the Google search latitude/longitude bug in hillmap


Rania said...

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Rakibul Islam said...
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Toma P

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Callum said...

Is there a way to get the UTM grid as a layer?

WHS said...

I wonder if I'm missing something. I love Hillmap and its split screen and such. And have a couple of questions: A. Is there any way to widen tracks and/or make them a different color? They are narrow and hard to see on some of the maps. B. Is there any way to split (and delete) portions of tracks that are not desired? Thanks.