Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall forWard

We ventured out to our good old standby on Saturday, Ward Mountain.  The clouds tumbled overhead all day amidst a delightfully blue and smoke free sky.

Fall is here up on the slopes, leaves that had not yet succumbed to desiccation are now inching toward red and yellow.

Everyone needs a spot they can head toward on a moments notice that's worth the effort - a hike, bike or run that needs no planning and makes you sweat a bit.

Ward has turned into that place for us: we've been up the trail enough times that we know route finding won't be an issue, and the views of the valley keep us going while the trail climbs and works our legs and lungs.

It's fun to see the small changes creep in on a familiar landscape. This was one of the first truly fall-like days we've had and, coincidently, we also skied on Ward on one of the fist spring-like days earlier this year.


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