Friday, December 5, 2008

Leavenworth Bouldering and Short Days

Have snuck out to leavenworth for two quick days of bouldering in the last couple of weeks. The rock is cold but the weather is dry and the sun makes the occasional appearance.

Its only a few weeks till winter solstice so the sun is low and often obscured behind the canyon rim but last trip out i made a mental list of places that get sun and when.

Swift water North (across the highway) -- Am
JY Boulders Am --short
Carnival Boulders --AM-short
Pretty Boulders -- AM, briefly in PM
420 Boulder -- PM/All day?
Ice Cube --PM/All day?
Twisted Tree --Pm/All day?
The Sword -- AM mostly on the namesake problem
The Egg -- AM
The Tin Man -- AM
Mountain Home Road -- Mid/All day?

Late fall and winter bouldering is a wonderful exercise in basic outdoors-person-ship. My advice is to bring warm clothes and plenty of food and go for it... you can allways swing by the sleeping lady for a cup of coffee if needed.

two late fall bouldering trips

two late fall bouldering trips

two late fall bouldering trips

two late fall bouldering trips

two late fall bouldering trips

two late fall bouldering trips

two late fall bouldering trips


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