Monday, March 5, 2012

Caltopo Layers, Gpx Import, Embedding.

I've added a lot since the last update. You can now drag and drop a gpx track from your gps onto hillmap to import it as a path. You can then simplify and edit the path using the path tab.

I've also wired in some excellent map layers from Matt at caltopo including high quality scans of usgs and forest service maps. Matt has also put together en excellent slope angle overlay. You can use the data and analysis tab to combine these overlays. The map above is the Caltopo Forest Service and Slope layers overlaid over the google satellite map.

Finally I've added iframe ouput to the link tab so that you can embed maps build with hillmap in your blog or website as I've done above.


Terry said...

Thanks for the updates and the continued work on this awesome product. I previously used the NatGeo TOPO product but gave it up when I discovered hillmap last year.

Rick Campbell said...

Thank you for this article, also I wonder if you plan to make the same review on vdr data room ? Would like to know your opinion. thank in advance

Richard Majece said...

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