Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scouting Blodget for Dry Rock

The warm weather the past few days has me thinking about long routes on sunny granite. It also shut down our ski plans for today so we ran up Blodget canyon to see how much snow had melted off the spires. They looked to still have some snow and wet on them but should be pretty pleasant to climb on if we get some more warm weather soon.

A beaver pond seems to have appeared just below the spires where I don't remember seeing one before:

The trail still had a lot of snow on it and we got to use our Sierra Trading Post Yak Traks for the first time in the real mountains. They slide around a bit on our feet, especially when they get loose snow under them or get caught on roots and things on the bare dirt sections and mine slid off my toe once after a couple of miles of running. Still, they added enough traction to confidently run on the snow and will probably see more use in the next couple of months.


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