Thursday, May 9, 2013

The End of a Road

We are coming to the end of our residency in the barn. Soon it reverts to its summer life as a wedding venue and we move from this patch of sage covered range land down into the valley bottom near the river.

One of the things I will mis most is the easy access we have here to running and riding roads and trails. The barn borders a large chunk of state trust land that can't be accessed by the general public without crossing private land. For most of the winter this area was occupied by a heard of cows and we mostly stuck to the main roads.

Now the cows have moved on and so, on the hottest day of the year so far, I filled two water bottles and started pedaling my bike toward a distant mountain summit following an old double track. The track turned from infrequently traveled to fully abandoned and eventually ended at the long unoccupied cabin shown here.

I don't know who built this cabin or why they sited it up amongst the dry sage hills at the end of a long road but it certainly was a scenic spot. I lingered taking photos and eating some snacks and then headed down hill. With my bike flying across the gradual slopes I had labored up for once I was faster than the deer.

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