Monday, May 6, 2013

Wide Open Spaces, Big Sky and Boulders: More Panoramas

The Bitterroot is beyond me as a photographer. A single mountain standing alone is easy to photograph but the wide stretch of this place simply won't fit in the camera frame.

 I've stopped carrying my camera everywhere I go lest I end up with yet another card full of distant clouds and big sky. I still take my android phone though and have become more and more enamored with the panorama mode.

It is far from perfect. It stitches together disjoint moments of time as you slowly turn 180 degrees with the camera at arms length. It frequently misses most of the subject but sometimes this works. The photo below strangely captures the fleeting nature of a run through rangeland.

Exposure is haphazard. It changes across the pan. Sometimes this works with the dancing mountain weather where a passing storm cloud can throw the landscape into early dusk, sometimes it exentuates the diversity of a landscape where you can run from sage brush to boulder strewn pine forest.

And something about the funkiness of it captures the sense of driving through open space with those big Bitterroot peaks looming for miles in both directions.


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