Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Fix the Latitude/Longitude Bug in Hillmap

When I searched for the location for Tin Cup Lake, Hillmap put the dot at the wrong place

One of our users sent in an important bug report: when you search for a location by its latitude and longitude, hillmap sometimes puts the location dot at the wrong point.

A big thank you to the user who sent in this bug!

The Hillmap location lookup service is powered by Google Maps.  The error originates with the way the new Google Maps works: when you search for coordinates, it returns the results of the nearest address.  This doesn't work well in the mountains!

We are thinking of ways to change this to make the search box more useful for backcountry users.

In the meantime, you can get around this error by prefacing your search with "loc:"

When I searched for the location, using "loc:", for Tin Cup lake Hillmap took me to the right spot

For example, when I search for Tin Cup Lake by its coordinates and enter 45.9407, -114.4003 in the Hillmap search window, it returns a location at the end of Trapper Creek Road.

When I enter "loc: 45.9407, -114.4003" in the search window, Hillmap puts the dot at the correct location in Tin Cup Lake.


Pocatello_john said...

It seems the search by coordinates function is broken. When I enter in a location, as per the example:
loc:46.852, -121.7604 and hit enter, nothing happens. Tested on both FireFox and Chrome

Pocatello_john said...

OK, found the fix... Remove the 'loc:' and then just wrap the coordinates in double quotes, like so:
"46.852, -121.7604"

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