Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Introducing the new Hillmap

Hillmap.com is getting a major facelift and update, our goal is to roll out the update by the end of June.  We will be replacing the current site with the hillmap beta site.  Take a moment to look around the new site, and let us know what you think!

New Features and Functionality

  • The new site is designed to be mobile device friendly.  When using a small screen on a tablet, phone or other mobile device, the top bar shrinks to a menu button that includes all the original options.
  • It is much faster!
  • Much of the user interface has been simplified to try to make it easier to use without making it less powerful.
  • We have included additional resources and some explanations to help you learn about and navigate all of the different tools available on the website.  Look in the new "Tour" tab to find these resources. 
  • The print screen has been updated to give you more support and options as you print your free custom topo map.
  • Ryan has fixed many bugs from the original site - and we're hunting down more (please contact us if you find a bug! contact@hillmap.com)

Testing, Testing

Hillmap is a work of love for us.  Ryan started building the site one winter weekend after he sprained an ankle and couldn't go out skiing.  He wanted to spend time exploring the mountains even when he couldn't go outside, and was frustrated by the lack of avalanche safety planning tools available for topo maps.  Hillmap was born during this week on the couch, and continues to grow in the time we can snatch between other parts of our full lives.  There is no full time programmer supporting hillmap. 

We count on you to let us know if you find bugs or if some part of the website doesn't make sense or work for you.  We love to hear from you!  Get in touch at contact@hillmap.com; jen@hillmap.com or ryanbressler@hillmap.com.

We also enjoy hearing about the many varied ways people use the website.  We've heard of uses of everything from astrology to ski trip planning to real estate hunting.  How do you use it?


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