Friday, July 19, 2013

Lake Como, Se Va: Scouting Swimming Holes and Crags by Bike

With our patio thermometer hitting 90-100 F most days I've been dreaming of shady north facing cliffs by deep swimming holes. With that in mind grabbed my bike and headed up to check out some north facing cliff bands visible on satellite photos at the west end of Lake Como (the Lake Como in the Bitterroots...the European one).

Rock Creek just above where it flows into Lake Como with a long, ~50 foot cliff band to the left.
A possible deep water solo at the west end of the lake (lead photo is the top of this).
Are those bolts near the center of this photo?
The trail was both more technical and more rolling then I expected (especially the SW corner of the lake where the cliffs are). It took longer then I had hopped and is maybe not something to ride after work with a crash pad or heavy trad gear. It is a fun ride in its own right and I'll definitely do it again. 

My bike near the crossing of Little Rock Creek. Note the Patagonia Houdini voile strapped under the seat, my concession to a forecast of possible rain and hail. And the blurry photo, testament to fading day light.  
There were some smaller boulders and cliff bands closer to the roads at the east end of the lake that might be worth investigating on foot and the idea of using a boat to approach the West end of the lake is very intriguing. 

The view back up lake from the dam.

Another view from the dam. Cool to be able to see most of the ride stretched out like that as you ride the last bit back to the car.

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