Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Lost Trail

We'll be holiday stuff for the next week or so and may not post regularly but here are a couple of shots I took this weekend while skiing between powder frosted x-mas trees at lost trail pass. Early season conditions there are excellent as they've managed to catch at least the edge of a few storm and already have 50+ inches of snow.

The thinning they did this year to combat pine beetles has also opened up a number of glades and narrow schutes through trees which are a blast to ski.

Lost trail is an remote little gem of an area. It has almost as much skiable terrain as Snoqualmie pass but only a handful of double chair lifts and rope toes which access two points along a long ridge. Its perched at 7000 feet up by where the continental divide meets the Idaho state line. From my limited experience here it seems to catch a bit of both maritime and continental weather systems resulting in reliable snow.

I'll have to spend more time up there to know for sure.


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