Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coldest Days of the Year?

Just Before the Real Freeze
Temps at the house hit a low -8 F this weekend and never got much above 15 F. In the mountains it was colder, so cold they closed the local ski area Sunday. Fortunately we'd bundled up and gotten out Friday for a few cold runs in what powder was left after opening day.

The View of Lost Trail From the Drive Up
Ice Beard

Saturday we discovered that the river was freezing in an odd way. I'd wondered if it would freeze over with a solid sheet that could support weight but instead it has formed a breakable uneven surface. I don't fully understand why but I think that the moving water has been freezing first in eddies near the side and amongst rocks where the water moves less quickly. As the channel fills and ice dams form the water levels rise and the rivers flows though different channels leaving the entire river bed a broken mess of icebergs.

Water fall over an icy dam. 

Sunday I went for a run up Blodgett Canyon...or as much of a run as I could pull off in multiple layers, mittens and light boots.

The falls between Shoshone and Nez Pierce looked to be frozen fairly solid.

The sun broke through as I was heading back down canyon so I stopped to take a few more photos:

A couple more shots of the river from Monday. Fully filled with broken, breakable crusts of ice and faceted frost:


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