Saturday, November 24, 2012

Remind Again me why We Left the Skis at Home?

...and the snowshoes in the car? Note bright orange vest tied to pack for the last weekend of hunting season. 
Our old stomping grounds in the cascades get this sublimely heavy wet snow...even a few inches can feel bottomless and keep your ski bases safe from the rocks beneath.

Our new home in Montana seems to get more of this unfamiliar light and fluffy stuff and our first few forays out on skis took their toll on our bases. People claim this makes for good skiing once there is enough of it but we decided to stick to boots for early season scouting and yesterday even left the snowshoes in the car.

Oh how wrong we were.

Still nothing like a good wallow to burn off turkey dinner. While, after hours of downed logs and deep snow trail breaking, our high point was not the summit we did get our first taste of a cool area. Viewing the gps track of our day in hillmap gives me some good ides for a better route staying on the north side of the creek:

CalTopoFs plus Hillmap Slope Analysis

(That screen shot is a peek at the next version of hillmap ... I'll post details soon but you can play with a preview at ... please report bugs.)

By the time we headed down the sun had warmed the snow enough to firm it up a bit and now it is snowing again so perhaps we will have better luck tomorrow.
Next time...


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