Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lolo Pass Skiing for the Start of 2013

On new years day 2013 we headed back to the Cristal Theater at lolo pass and skied a few different laps. We found light fluff everywhere. The base was excellent on north aspects and south aspects were skiable but had barely covered rocks and logs in places. Making turns on the slopes between summer climbing crags was a lot of fun and made for some good photos.

Click here to view a map of our tour in hillmap. Dropping due East to the highway at the end of the tour is not recommended. Doing so we found untracked but thin snow and we had to make a very brushy traverse as the highway embankments are high and steep. 

This and the top photo are south facing.  
A deeper north slope. 

Looking across the valley at the line through the trees and boulders on the upper left that shook up my flu addled stomach something awful last time we were here. 

The usual shenanigans. 


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