Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sugar Plum Fairies at Kootenai Creek

Whenever I enter winter - taking a few steps beyond the car, past the parking lot and far enough into the landscape that the cold starts freezing my fingers - I think about the first time I really entered winter. My freshman roommate took me on an overnight snowshoe trip into New Hampshire's White Mountains.  The twisted pine trees up high were frosted with powdery snow and I could hear strains of The Nutcracker playing in my head.

Beautiful.  Unlike anything I had ever seen.

Now I am fortunate to enter winter regularly, taking backcountry ski trips to marvelous locations.  Sometimes in the midst of the sweaty, freezing, keep-moving trips I forget to take a moment to look around me.

Here are some photos up the slowly freezing Kootenai Creek, an ice-filled, glittering, wonderland on an overcast day.  Photos can't capture it, so I urge you to stop for a moment next time you're in winter and take a deep look.

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