Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Conditions at Gash Point

Basking in the wind at the Saddle near Gash Point

It was full-on January this weekend at Gash Point.

Warmer temps at the trailhead and a glimpse of blue sky lulled us into thinking that it was going to be a balmy day.  As we broke out of the forest and onto the ridge leading to the saddle below Gash Point, the wind picked up and hurled snow in our faces.  Well, we've been searching for face shots!

Click on the "View in Hillmap" link above to see our route in, view the USGS topo map of the path, print a map and upload the gpx track to your gps.

There is a well-established skin track from the lower parking area at the hair pin turn just above 4700'.  The track is a bit of a tobogan run at the moment: slick and a bit icy in places.  It follows a good line up to the ridge, but has been mostly erased by the wind once you break out of the taller trees.

Snow conditions are variable.  I had to dig deep and remember how to ski on crusty snow, so far this year we've been spoiled by the gorgeous powder on most slopes.  We did find some patches of great snow, although I'll wait to head up to Gash again until more snow falls.

Definitely glad to be on our fat skis!  My Black Diamond Starlets handled the crust well, especially while turning on crust through the trees.  Ryan was singing the praise of his Black Diamond Justice skis throughout the day.

All in all, it was a great day and I look forward to skiing Gash again - although next time I hope for some summit views.


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