Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sapphires: The other side of the valley

A view into the Sapphires

Here's a few photos of the Sapphire Mountains, the range on the East side of the Bitterroot Valley.

The cloud-covered Bitterroots from Chaffin Butte

We've been ignoring the Sapphires in this blog, and in truth, we've spent most of our time in the taller, snowier, granite-filled Bitterroots.  But the Sapphires are breathtaking and I spend quite a bit of time admiring the sagebrush foothills and forested peaks.

The trail to Chaffin Butte

These photos were taken on Chaffin Butte, a favorite local hike just outside of Corvallis.  The views from the top are expansive, and I felt like I was floating in air suspended between the peaks of both ranges.


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