Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photos From A Late Fall Inversion

The Bitterroot has been in the grips of a late fall inversion. Days dawn with blue skies and temperatures around 12 F.

This change in weather has prompted a reinvigoration in my interest in trail running. We've gotten just enough snow to offer a taste of the coming winter but not enough for the skiing to be really good.

The running however is phenomenal. Hoar frost and frozen leaves crunch under foot and familiar vistas are made new again.

Most of these photos were shot up Blodgett but even the town park has been filled with cold weather surprises like a fuzzy friend waiting on a log or a bald eagle surveying the frozen river.

Sunday we headed up to Lolo pass for some mellow turns. The snow was crusty, thin and covered in hoarfrost but the views were stelar. 

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