Thursday, January 16, 2014

Import and Export to your GPS using Hillmap

Use Hillmap to create, share and explore tracks and routes for your GPS device.  You can import or export files from Hillmap directly to your GPS.

Note: I used a Garmin GPSMp 62s gps for the example in this blog post.  Many of the newer GPS devices should work similarly, however, some GPS software will not interact with your computer in the same way.  The instructions for hillmap will be the same for all devices.

Import GPX files

To import and view a GPX file from your GPS, first connect your GPS to your computer.

From here there are two ways to import.  The first way is to choose Import Gpx from the tools menu (see photo above).  A screen will pop up for you to navigate to the GPX file on your GPS.  When you select the file, it will show up on Hillmap.

GPX track imported after our trip to Glen Lakes Peak

The second way, and the way I like best, is to drag and drop the file directly from my GPS directory into hillmap.  In this case I open up my Garmin directory (my GPS), and find the track I want in the GPX folder and drag and drop it onto the hillmap screen.

Export GPX files 

After you have created a path, you can export it to your GPS as a route or track.

Open up the Tools drop down menu from the top bar, and select Download Gpx (see above image). The Export GPX File window will pop up, and you can choose to export as a route or a track.  A route is a set of waypoints, and a track is a line drawn on the map.  A track works well with a map display on your GPS.

Drag the downloaded file to your GPS directory.  In this case, the directory name is Garmin and the file GPX.

Select Route or Track, and the file will download.  You can then drag and drop the downloaded file to your GPS directory, or open it on your computer if you have the right software.

When you disconnect your GPS from the computer, the file will be stored on your device.  Every GPS will work a little bit differently and you may need to look at the instructions for which file to store your track or route in and how to access it on your device.


Rozza Jullie said...

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fbard said...

How are the GPX files retained on after import ?

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