Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Backyard Project

We rarely repost content here but this video from Arc'Teryx resonated with me on a number of levels.

I've long been attracted to the idea of visiting peaks one can see from your own backyard. Growing up near Puget Sound I'd plan trips to peaks of the Olympic skyline. Now I live in a valley where the horizon is filled with the brush guarded, rarely visited summits of the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountains.

The Bitterroots
The shenanigans required to recreate on such minor summits of the Pacific North West are rarely glorified. This may be the first commercial skiing/boarding video I've seen that includes shots of steep icy forest approaches, Devil's Club, a Canoe and an early retreat after an approach that took longer than it looked on the map. I'm not sure who originated the term, but I recall Colin Haley fittingly referring to this sort of thing as "sub-aplinism."


It also include shots of people just having fun in their local mountains. Too much of outdoors media is focused on the biggest and best. Videos of skiers ripping massive spines in Alaska or setting the latest speed record on a much traveled mountain are cool, but I don't find them particularly inspiring. I relate much more to the idea of catching sight of a random mountain (valley, crag, boulder or swimming hole) and deciding to go check it out. I wonder if crash pads would fit in a Canoe...


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