Monday, October 20, 2008

First days back on the rock

leavenworth oct 18-3
The Fin, v7

After a couple of weeks cooped up with a pain in the arse of a tail bone injury I started to feel 100% mid week. I was partner-less and october in leavenworth can be a game of Russian wrong move and you could find yourself sucked in to a maze of beer gardens and lederhosen.

leavenworth oct 18-1
No Pain No Gain, v5

For two weeks I had been dreaming of a perfect little overhanging finger crack finger crack up in mad meadows and so a plan formed. 

leavenworth oct 18-5
The rewards of packing light are greater comfort and safety. —Jim Nelson

An unencumbered climber moving fast could enchain a number of (very) minor peaks in the icicle creek drainage.

leavenworth oct 18-2
First and only bivy. A honda accord and 3.5 crash pads make a surpassingly luxurious RV.

leavenworth oct 18-8
Brian from Central WA University working Mad Max, v7.

For the record: Sent "No Pain No Gain" on my 3d try and "Occum's Razor" on my 2nd (had worked both for one session previously) and worked some harder stuff.


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Woah, I hope your arm is good now. This rock climbing sure looks exhausting and dangerous. But seriously, hats of to people like you who have mastered it. I mean, I am stuck here with my APA referencing style, and you guys are climbing a cracked finger. You guys sure are on a different level.

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